Wednesday, January 14, 2009

honey spice apples

a simple grown-up sweet ending.

6 lg apples, cored 1 lemon
1c. raisins, currents 1 T apricot preserves
almonds, sliced 6 T. honey
3 T dark rum or brandy whipped cream
fresh grated cinnamon/nutmeg

Pour rum into a bowl & soak raisins about an hour. Add lemon juice, honey, & stir all together. Heat oven to 375. Place apples on a baking dish and spoon rum mixture into centers. Sprinkle almonds and spice over top, and place a little water in the pan for moisture. Pierce apples with a fork and bake 30-40 minutes. Lift apples with a spatula onto plates, then stir the preserves into the cooking liquid and drizzle on top. Serve w/ whipped cream ;)

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